Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh my! Look what I found!



I don't know where all that this has been. I don't know how long I've had it. I don't know how it ended up in my drawer. I don't ever remember seeing it before. But. It sure was a wild feeling finding it here today.

A cancelled check.

Drawn on: Union Bank & Trust Co.

Against the account: Wadsworth Angus Farm

Written to: St. Margaret's Hospital

Dated: October 5, 1962

For: Wadsworth, Mrs. Sally

In the amount of: $130.00

Signed by the very hand of my daddy: Sonny Wadsworth, Jr.

The check won't mean much to anybody anymore. It's old. Already cashed. No longer worth monetary value. The account no longer exists. The bank doesn't either. Nor does the Angus farm. And saddest of all, my daddy's gone too (though the happy part of that is that he's moved to Heaven).

So. Why so significant? Why so exciting? Why so priceless? What is it about it that so moved me?

Me and my twin sister were born on October 6th, 1962. By Sally Wadsworth. Fathered by Sonny. In St. Margaret's Hospital. Just a mere one day after this check was written. Whoa... at all the what-alls that's happened since!

I miss my daddy! I miss the farm! Crazily, that bank was ours for so many years, that I miss the bank and hate when they closed. As for the hospital??? Want to know about the hospital??? My head is doing its shaking-back-and-forth thing again. My lips are grinning. Because you know what? That same hospital that I was born in that no longer exists? It's now our Criminal Justice Building. That same building that I've been wildly excepted into without asking. That same building that I've been given the keys to without human reasoning. It's where the Dept of Corrections is found.... with the Re-Entry Coordinator that's for some reason (God!) has decided to adopt me into voluntarily assisting him.... with his office in the commissioner's offices... who has also welcomed me into their world. 

Wow. That check is priceless... for a whole lot of reasons! Most too tender to put words to.

But I find it wild, also, to know that when God had my mom at one time birthing me there that He already knew then that one day He'd bring me right back to that same building to be doing His Kingdom's business in! A "birthing" of another kind! One, right now, that is too huge to fathom! Too huge to wrap my mind around! Too huge to even begin to wonder at what all is soon to be happening......


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