Monday, September 12, 2011

MOVIE NIGHT in the prison!


I can't tell you how often I leave that place wishing I had a picture! Their faces were priceless! They're such a fun crowd! Always animated! Boisterously verbal! They holler. They laugh loud. They talk to the screen. They talk to the characters. They yell at the ones they feel worthy of yelling at. They encourage the one they feel need encouragement. They praise Jesus! They "Amen!" They "Glory!" They dog the devil. They get so into it. They're great participators. I LOVE being a part with them! They're often more fun to watch than the movie we're showing. 

I was simply soaring when I left. I came home and my daughter asked me what I'd been drinking? She was kidding , of course. But I'd been drinking Jesus and yes, filled with HIS Spirit!

The girl that I go in with on Sunday nights is quite a character herself. Older lady, but beautiful and very young looking. She's a fiesty thing. She went in early and set everything up. She'd spent the whole afternoon popping popcorn to bring. She couldn't stay though. So after set-up she left and I was left manning the program alone. I called to tell her how it went after I got home. She wasn't there, her husband answered. After getting off the phone with him, I wondered what he makes of her? She's so fired up and full of Jesus! She's bottled up wine and spilling over on all who near her! You add her fire to mine and we're a serious fire that no man can put out! I love the people who God has coupled me with to serve! I'm constantly floored and amazed at all that He's doing! Boy... BoY... I mean, BOY... He's sure all over and about the prisons right now! He's sure got a mighty thing going!!!!!!

I lay in bed last night... awed with His favor! Shaking  my head at what He's accomplishing that makes no sense in man's mind to accomplish. I often think of the song that sings, "His eye is on the sparrow".... and the "sparrows" that He's so seeing right now with mighty magnified vision are celled in the prisons. If only they realized His intense and intentional focus... and yes, like I said: His favor!

Wow, Lord,.... I don't quite know what to say. Tears are streaming as I wish I could verbalize my heart's filling/feeling......... I'll never be able to thank You enough for the grace You have... Your mercy.... but most of all, Your unconditional, unfailing, never-ending, all encompassing LOVE! It cannot be measured! It cannot be contained! It cannot help but run and seek to show itself to all of us... even those, who'll never chose to see and accept it. Who are You that loves us so... and who goes to such extremes and measures in hope to woo and captivate us in order to SAVE us?

Thank YOU, Lord God, for loving me!!! Thank YOU for loving the "least of these"!!! And woe... blow our socks off tonight as we start our new programs (also behind bars) exercising for Jesus!!!!! They have no idea, do they Lord? And I grin as I say that, for I feel You saying back, "You have no idea either, Sharon! Just wait! As it is now, your mind cannot even begin to fathom!!!!"............. WHOA!

Do it, Lord Jesus! Do what You do!!!!! With all power and praise and honor and glory... magnify Your glorious name!

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