Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life without?? NO! Life with!

We had a powerful service in the prison Wednesday night. The ladies were grinning from ear to ear when they came in, greatly anticipating our worship and the message that God had put on our hearts to share. Can I say, "Ready?" Those girls were so ready! Super duper ready! I mean like majorly ready! Smiling so big. So happy. So excited! And as He always does, God showed up huge and spoke both powerfully and loudly! Miraculously. Majestically. It was a wonder!

I didn't count the responses we had. I was so enraptured by every next girl that had come to me to pray for her that I couldn't see the lines beyond them. But from those that are into numbers, I heard that we had a lot. I love their hearts! I love the simple-ness in the prayers they request. I love the sincerity in the requests that are hard to ask. I love their preciousness. I love their hugs.

Afterward, as the inmates were leaving with only a few still dwindling, one sweet lady came to me to thank us for coming. She said to me, "I love it when ya'll come. We can't thank ya'll enough. And it's especially good for us "life without-ers"...."

"What?" I asked as I grabbed her arm and pointed toward the heavens. "NOT "life-without!" I said, "But Life-WITH Him! And girlfriend, you'll never be "life-without" again!!!"

I was grinning so big when I said it. My heart swelled! I continued...

"What that means is that this is your "assigned field" for the rest of your time left on this earth. And oh my," I told her, "at the opportunity that you have with all of the lives of these girls! And without distractions! Without the distraction of thinking about all that you can do when you get out. But instead, with the focused determination of all that you can do while you're still in!" 

It wasn't a pre-thought out answer. I hadn't considered the wonder of that before. God just gave me the heart and the words to say it in the very moment it was needed. He simply just took over my mouth and gave me overwhelmed enthusiasm! I love His wisdom! For who would have thought that but Him?

No longer EVER life-without.... but for all eternity: Life-WITH Him! Wow! Whoa! Woe! What a thought!........

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