Monday, January 31, 2011

You'll sale out in a second!

I was watching a movie (a DVD) that we had just gotten in the mail with my husband on Saturday. We have greatly anticipated its coming. We were so excited to see the package. It isn't out in theaters yet; but it's a low budget film, a Christian movie, and they are pre-selling the movie now so that they can raise money to advertise it.

I could quote a whole slew of things that were said. But for this moment, just one. In the movie Satan was enraged and was spewing his raged venom to all those that were sitting in the courtroom. He said, "I can tempt you with a candy bar and you'll sale out in a second!"



He's right.

He can!

I don't think it ironic that I was texting a friend earlier that same day. And as I typed "plate" on my cell ("I've got a lot to do on my plate today"), T-9 suggested the word "slave"!

Ow (again)!

I've noticed that before, but I had forgotten it. But woe, how harshly it hit me again seeing it a second time. It is sure hard sometimes not to be a slave to our plates!

I've been dieting. Yuck, not fun. So food seems to be my mind's focus. It was about 11:15 the other night when my daughter was headed home, she texted me asking, "I'm stopping by Taco Bell. Want anything?"





I texted back, "Mmmm! Yum! Yes. But no. My enemy is not against flesh and blood, but my enemy just now is against food! Food's crouching at my door. It desires to have me! BUT, I must master it."

I know my daughter thinks I'm weird. I know my answer was more than she bargained for. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. But it's how I felt. And I was greatly trying not to "sale out in a second" and hate myself later because I did.

Our "plates" might not be food. We can have too much of anything on our plates. And too much of anything is always too much... and its purpose and hope is, indeed, to make a slave out of us. Whatever it is that we fall for, its desire is to "have us"... but we must master it!

It's a good reminder to remind ourselves of.

Don't be so quick to sale out to whatever's tempting you to!


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