Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh yes, God does!

I meant to post this earlier. Time got away from me. Then I simply forgot about it. Until today when I was reminded of it again. Can I just say that I know she's mine, but I was so proud of my daughter?!

For those of you who don't live in the South and might not know, a week and half ago Auburn won the BCS National Championship. It was an exciting win for us! A lot of controversy has gone on. But still, we've enjoyed it (Not the controversy, mind you. But the win)! My daughter posted her excitement on her Facebook page the minute the game left us a winner. She wrote about her enthusiasm and then quoted Cam Newton's (our quarterback) statement made afterward. She wrote: 

Prissy: ...and AUBURN WINS THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! I love the Auburn family, WAR EAGLE BABY!! Cam: "It's just a God thing... and I'm just His instrument."

A less enthusiastic friend posted back to her:

Scotty: Didn't you go to bama? And I don't think God uses thieves as his instrument.

I was blown away by her reply back to him:

Prissy: Honey, you are very wrong. God does use "thieves." God uses "thieves", murderers, adulterers, and SINNERS! "...All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!" John 8:7

And then she added:

Prissy: God uses our past as His platform! He uses our testimony for His glory. And I'm living proof!

And yes, indeed, He does! He uses thieves! And as she said, murderers and adulterers and sinners! He uses abortioners and drug users and drunkards and gossipers and bullies and backstabbers. He forgives as quick as we ask Him to. And doesn't keep throwing our downfalls back at us after He's done so. He ransoms us! Heals us. Restores us. Redeems and uses all of the yuck of our past. Not for evil. Not for shame. But for good. Perhaps He doesn't do as we would do, He not only forgives our wrongs, after He's redeemed them, as Prissy pointed out, He uses our testimonies to bring Himself Glory.

Wow. What kind of a God do we serve that does that! I am proud to be His servant and the instrument He'd chose to use after all that I've done.


  1. GLORY !!

    So proud of Priscilla Dior !!

    Love her passion for ... The Truth ! The WORD!!

    Grateful to serve a Father ! The God who you describe above !!!

    Kudos Prissy !! Yo know WHO your ( Abba) Daddy is !!!!

  2. I got an email from one of the workers at Legacy on Friday. Here's what he said of my girl,

    "Let me share this.

    Prissy is doing absolutely wonderful. She is truly allowing the Lord to do an even deeper work in her life!

    During worship this morning, all the students were sitting listening to this new song and I was observing some students. Prissy caught my eye when I saw on her face what I now know is the Lord dispensing Himself into His people. Her countenance was one of amazement and love and wonder. I. WAS. MOVED!!!! You can tell when God is moving, because when God is moving, things change. Prissy is being truly transformed and conformed into the image of our LORD JESUS! She is in our small group and I sense such a longing in her very being the reality of CHRIST! She is in the hands of The Potter, and praise the Lord, it is a beautiful thing to behold and be a part of. Praise the Lord!"

    WOW! His words made me cry! Why how He ever set her heart of fire for Him! She told me today that she hardly does much more than cry that she is so enthralled by her Savior.