Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We left her in a barn.

I've not had time to write much lately. And in the time that I have? Words fail to come. As they do so often, they're too feeble. How do you convey the heart?

We took our oldest daughter off to an adventure with her Savior. She will be spending the next several months sitting at the feet of Jesus with 24 other students learning more of Him and His Word and His wonder. The jouney was so obviously Divinely appointed! God so plainly and unmistakenly invited her! During His radical pursuit of her, He was also preparing her for it! Then to our overwhelming amazement we watched Him also provide the payment for her to go, we couldn't have done it without Him! She very much feels specifically and individually chosen! And in these months that she will spend away from the distractions of this world (family, friends, Facebook, Twittering, Internet, working, shopping, Cell phones, etc), she is seriously being set apart very radically! Set apart on the mountaintop with Him. Wow! How priceless is that! What an adventure and journey with the Prince of Peace, the Lord of all lords, and the King of all kings that she's begun! A child alone (with other siblings) with her Father! For what He alone knows He has planned for her.

We left her in a barn. That's where she'll be living. Jesus was born in one. How appropriate for Him to bring her to one to birth new things inside her. To plant more of His seed. For more growing. For more of a greater transforming. The room that she was placed to sleep in with another girl used to be the Prayer Room! Can you even imagine the knees that have knelt on that floor? Or the focus of our Father's face in that space there while so many others were praying? Surely the room is doubly anointed! Surely it has a special fondness. Can you fathom the tears that were spilled? The hearts that cried out? The tendering? The pleading? The begging? The thanking? The awe-ing? The praising? Wonder at all of the words that were said? Words spoken, whispered, cried, said to our Savior?

In some of her last couple of Facebook status' before she left she said,

"Buhhh-byee facebook, cell phone, friends, and family... Peace out world! I'm going to hang out with my Savior for 7 months! See ya'll in August! LEGACY! -- "..."Follow me,” Jesus said to him, and Levi got up, left everything and followed Him." - Luke 5:27-28

I love that! She's going to hang out with her Savior! Jesus simply said, "Follow Me"... and people did! They got up and truly left every thing. "Every thing" doesn't compare to following Jesus. And wonderfully, that's what Prissy's done and is doing.

Another thing she posted was some lyrics to the End Of Me song, "Once upon a time the story goes I laid it all down and let it go, to lose it all... Took a step of faith and said goodbye. And everything I had, I left behind to find true life! When all I longed for, I found finally, at the end of me! - LEGACY IS FINALLY HERE.""

"Once upon a time......... " indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woe! I wonder what God's got planned for her in her dot, dot, dot now that her "end of me" has come???

And.. the very last thing that she wrote before she left was the words to another song, "We will use the words we know to tell You what an awesome God You are. But words are not enough to tell You of our love, so listen to our hearts..... if You listen to my heart, every beat would say, Thank You for the Life, thank You for the Truth, thank You for the Way."

Amen! I feel the same! Words are not enough... to tell Him of my love... so listen to my heart! She told me before she left, "I am so excited, mom. Is this real life? Is this really happening? I am so excited to finally DIE! And live as Christ!" I love her enthusiam! I love her excitement! I love the pursuit of our Jesus who loves us and wants the best for us!
I couldn't resist. I posted this picture for her on her page and I told her I love her!
I had to laugh. She wrote that she's just like me. And she is! She posted her own picture on my page to tell me that she loves me bacccck!
Lord, thank You so much for loving us! For loving our children! Thank You for our salvation! For Your pursuit! Your preparation! Your plan! Your provision! And thank You for Your Word! How it leads us, guides us, heals us, equips us, and empowers us. Thank You for all that You do in our lives that we often overlook or fail to give You credit for. Thank You now for the obviousness in this set-apartness of our children for whatever it is that You've planned for their lives. Open their eyes and their ears and their hearts. Show them Your Glory. Reveal to them Your Word. Give them revelation and discernment and understanding. I know I don't even have to ask. I know You already are and that You already will. Lord, seriously, I cannot thank You enough! I know that You're with my girl! And I love how already much my girl loves You! I am awed in the knowing that before this set-apart-time is finished of how much she'll love You more! Thank You for lighting the fire for You inside her! And for consuming already what she used to be to make her someone new. Thank You for planting that passion. Thank You for captivating! Thank You for changing. Thank You for thrilling! Thank You for all that You do! Like the song says, words are not enough, I'll never be able to thank You as I wish I could.

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