Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

I wrote about them just recently. And though I apologize for writing about them again. I can't help myself. These words of a song keep echoing inside me. I constantly hear their ringing. I consistently hear them singing. "Author of my story. Shepherd of my heart. You take every season to show me more of who You are."

I suppose one reason is that I dearly love the song. Another reason is that I love the drum beat that plays in it. Mostly though, I love the picture it portrays to me. Yes, that God is the Author of our Stories. Yes, that He is the Shepherd of our hearts! (Oh, how we need such a Shepherd.) And yet it is the He takes every season to show us more of Who He is that keeps its singing!

Everytime I hear the words I keep picturing a puzzle... and I keep picturing Jesus placing the seasons (adding another puzzle piece) showing us more of the picture of Him.

How will we ever know Him as a Savior until we need Him as one? How will we ever know Him as a Redeemer until we need to be redeemed? How will we ever know Him as Faithful until we see Him in our faithlessness? How will we know Him as our Refuge until we've needed a place to run? How will we ever know Him as our Strength until we've felt fear in our weakness? How will we ever know Him as our Joy until we've suffered in our mourning? How will we ever know Him as our Salvation until we know our need to be saved? How will we know Him as our Strong Tower until we've fallen ensnareed to our own stronghold? How will we know Him as our Deliverer until we need to be delivered? How can we know Him as One Who Sets the Captives free until we need freeing? How will we know Him as the Healer until we need His healing? And the list goes on and on.

Don't miss the season and what He is showing you. He is incredible in every part! Yes, again like the song says, He's the Author of our stories... He's the Shepherd of our hearts...... But He truly is taking every one of our seasons to show us more of Who He is and what He does! 

Oh... at the beauty that He paints before us!  Oh, at the beauty and the splendor of our Lord!

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