Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So much going...

Until the last couple of days, I have been uncharacteristically quiet. I suppose the reasons vary. But the main one is due to the overwhelmation of busy.

I'm a "stay-at-home-mom"... that likes to stay-at-home... that hasn't had much time to stay-at-home-as-I-normally-would lately. And one that doesn't see much staying-at-home in the forecast. Life is busier than ever and it isn't about to be slacking.

A good-busy, mind you. But busy, nonetheless. I love what I'm doing. But definitely sometimes I mourn my lack of "staying."

I'm excited though... for the road that God has me on... and the opportunites that He's placed in my path.

Other than the doors that God has opened for me in ways that no man can make sense of... and the jobs that these doors present... and the training of this thing or that that He's offering generously and giving freely... and the roles that He's putting me in..................... He is sweetly and kindly and graciously doing even more than all those as well.

I am becoming a greater and greater believer in (because of the mounting of evidence) of "Knock, and the door will be open".... "Seek, and you will find".... "Ask, and you will receive"....... Because He is proving it to me! He's opening... showing... and giving! 

I used to often ask God to not let me pass by the "robbed-and-beaten-and-left-for-dead-man" on the side of the road that Jesus tells about in the parable of the Good Samaritan. I don't want to be too busy, too side-tracked, too involved even in good things like Bible Study or worship, or too blind to see the man-in-need that is in the middle of the road that I'm on. Well.... God is making sure that I see them. He is loudly and very visually placing many of them in my path... and having people to tell me about them to make sure that I don't forget to look, to see, and then to care in someway for their need. It's the most exciting thing!

I have more opportunities that I can tell about, but today I'll share just one.

Tomorrow morning I am picking up a newly released inmate and transferring her to another city about four hours away and then taking her to another town that is about a hour and a half. I don't know her from Adam. Have never met nor seen her before, and don't know but one thing about her. And that's that she's HIV positive. I'm not sure why that was the only thing told to me about her, but I am so very much anticipating my time with her. Depending upon the probation officer, it may call for an overnight trip.

I must get to bed! Lord, I can't wait to see what You've got planned! Thank You so much for such opportunities!...........

Updates to follow! I'm sure I'll have lots to share!

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