Monday, November 15, 2010

A "Precautionary Lock-down"?

Twelve  minutes after the school bell rang I got a call on my home phone, cell phone, and an email stating that, "We have been advised by the Montgomery Police Department to go on a precautionary lock-down. They are in pursuit of a subject in the area. This means that we will not let anyone into the school; buildings until the lock-down is over. We will advise when this ends. classes will operate normally during this time.School Administration"

Well... needless to say, that's an interesting notice that perks up the ears, rises the eyebrows, beats the heart a little faster, and triggers the mind to its wander.

My Senior son has "delayed entry" so he doesn't have to be to school until second period each day. I advised him of the lockdown and his inability to go in until the lock-down had been cancelled. Another "needless" thing said, he wasn't exactly saddened by it.

At 8:51 the phones rang again... along with the "You've Got Mail"... which told us that the school was no longer in its lock-down. The coast was cleared. The doors back opened. Ta could go to school now.


My mind kept wandering....

"A Precautionary Lockdown"....? "

"A subject in the area"......?

How often do we (in our own hearts and minds and lives) go into a precautionary lock-down.... locking all others out for fear of suspects of subjects in the area?


How many times do we fail to do the precautionary lock-down when we need to... out of suspicion of the subjects before us? We see the signs... our ears perks to the suspicion, our hearts beat a little faster... but we're curious about (or like) this new feeling and so we fail to heed to the precaution because the desire inside us precedes on out of it's want-to?

Sometimes we lock-down when we don't need to, but sometimes we don't when we do!

"The prudent see danger and take refuge,
but the simple keep going and suffer for it."
Prov 27:12.

"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."

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