Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Listen! His blood cries!

"What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground."

These words were said by God to Cain when he killed Abel.

"What have you done?" God's voice echoed to Cain. Can you imagine Him asking you?!

"What have you done?" and then (in King James' wording) "the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me from the ground."

"Your brother's blood cries...."

"The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me...."

The victim's blood cries for justice!

Death seeks its revenge.

When defined in more detail it goes like this: The voice... the sound... the noise... the crying... the thunder... the call........ of the blood...... calls... cries... cries out for help.... cries in grief... summons...... God Himself!

I am not much of a televison watcher. But every now and then when I do, I love watching things like: Snapped, or Cold Bold, or Dateline on ID, or I (Almost) Got Away With It, or Forensic Files, or something similar. I am amazed at the crimes that are daily committed. I am even more amazed when they are premeditated and planned and schemed and much thought out before the plan is put into action. Also, the clean-up and to what extent a person goes to in hopes to hide any evidence.

Then still yet, I am even more amazed still at the evidence that lies left behind just waiting for someone to find it..... A drop of blood. Some DNA. A hair. A footprint or fingerprint. A piece of paint. But especially the blood that is almost impossible to get totally rid of.

It reminds me every time of this verse, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground!" 

It seeks its justice! It wants its revenge! Even when someone's life is taken, death still has its voice. It still cries out to its Savior!

I don't know this. This is totally my speculation. I've never heard it taught before. But everytime I study in Exodus about the Pharaoh that had all of the baby boys two years old and younger thrown to their deaths in the River Nile... And then, later, when the first plague of the 10 plagues that God does is that He turns the water in that Nile to blood...... I always wonder if that is symbolic of the blood that cries from all the babies that were thrown there?

Even as I type this Nancy Grace is on... the "Breaking News" is that a jaw bone has been found in Aruba and the speculation is that it may be Natalee Holloway's. It's been how many years since she's gone missing? Wow, it's been 5! The blood still cries from the ground.....

How sad! For all those that have died so senselessly and robbed by the hand of another, I'm so sorry!

"What have you done?".............. And has it made your brother's blood cry?

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  1. Ironically (or really not so... rather Divinely planned) I serve as a volunteer in the prison system. I teach to the violent offenders. Those with crimes too morbid to detail, too impossible in my mind to fathom. I think all but perhaps two in my groups have murdered.... though one of those left a boy for dead.... he was just rescued before death could overtake him. I love those girls that have committed such crimes. And I know they're sorry and they're forgiven. But make no mistake, I know the blood of those they took still cries to its Savior.

    Sweetly, God showed me a picture, He gave me an answer... and I wasn't expecting its beauty. "Yes," I felt Him tell me, "the blood does cry. But not just for justice. It cries for redemption! Death doesn't want to have died in vain. And it's My Son Who died to redeem."


    It's not only justice it seeks (I like that), it also seeks redemption! A usable tool to be used for God's wonder! A God-works-all-things-out-for-good moment... when He doesn't discard their death as useless, but uses it to help another and for His Glory!

    May the blood continue to cry until it's been redeemed and used as a beautiful thing!