Friday, September 3, 2010

Someone's FOLLOWING you!

In today's Networked Technology we've got people "following" us on Twitter and MySpace and Facebook and so forth. Friends. People we know. People we don't. People we like. People we don't know why that they do.... 

But better than that. Today I was reminded of another somebodies' that are "following" us too.

We're being followed by Goodness and Mercy (Ps 23:6)! And not only are they following you, but they will be following you E V E R Y D A Y for the rest of your life!!!

It's that 'The Lord is my Shepherd' chapter!

In other words, back to that "I'm with Him!" picture... I'm not only with Him, but more importantly, He's with ME! And He's got GOODNESS and MERCY following me too!

We've got such a GOoD GOD! He's "WITH" us every where!!! He's so into His sheep! What a Savior (saving us from all that we need saving from!) that we serve! We've got such a WITH-US everywhere in everything God!

Goodness = good! happiness! benefit! bountiful! prosperous! BEST!

Mercy = grace! kindness! faithfulness! favor!

Follow = to be behind... to follow after earnestly... to pursue... to run after.... to chase.... to attend closely upon.... to aim to secure.... to pursue ardently..... to aim eagerly to secure.
How powerful is that!!! Even more.. IT'S TRUE!!! And all because of our God, our Father, our Jesus, our Lord and our Savior!!! A Shepherd that watches, loves, cares for, and tends to HIS sheep!

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