Sunday, September 12, 2010

There really is a Kingdom!

Oh wow! Here is a picture a friend of mine posted on Facebook of her daughter's chorus group. I love that these singing angels get to attire themselves in such wonderful dresses! I LOVE these bevy of princesses, even without really knowing them!!! They are priceless to the Heavenly Kingdom, I know! And you know... it has got to be kind-of like the picture of how our Heavenly King sees us, His daughters! Dressed in royal robes... while still, for now, disguised in earthly clothes.... yet, not in His eyes.... not from His view!

Again, I so totally LOVE THIS!!!

No wonder we like to play dress-up as little girls. We're born for the Kingdom! There's something inside all of us from day #1 that just knows! It's in our bones. It's in our makeup. It's in our knowing. It's in our deepest inner being. We long to wear it... because it feels right when we do. We simply know deep down that we're supposed to! 

We're were made for a Kingdom! We are meant for a Kingdom. We were created for eternal and everlasting and happily-ever-afters. Real Live Happily-Ever-Afters!

There really is a King. There really is a Knight in Shining Armor riding on a white horse that will one day come for us. We really are princes and princesses if we've accepted the adoption that our Savior offers. There really is a Heavenly wonder with streets paved with gold and castles untold.

I really am a real-live daughter of a real-live King! I'm a princess... that longs one day to dress like one!

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  1. So true! Love what you said about a Knight in Shiny Armor riding on a white horse coming for us! Halleujah!!