Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Prissy!!!

Me... and my sweetest oldest angel! Happy 20th Prissy! I LOVE YOU!!!

My two girls.. and the butterfly cupcakes that Sabrina made for her sister in honor of Faith! Prissy cried when she saw it!

"Mom, take the picture already!" :-) Aren't they SWEET!

My men!!!

We love you, too, Campbell!

Aww... they're the cutest!

Goodness, she's the kissiest girl I know!

Man... aren't these two that God gave me gorgeous!

Oh yeh... You better give yo mama a kiss!

They make my heart soar!

I'm not exactly sure what these girls are doing right here. "Girls, act normal."

Me and  my man! I LOVE HIM!!!
He's so very good to me!!!!! Better than I often deserve! I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Woe... he's taller than I realized he was. In real life, I usually feel just as tall as he is! :-/
For inquiring minds that want to know... I'm 5'3" to his 6'5".
I usually have 4 to 5 inch heels on. I kicked my shoes off here... and oops, it shows! It's my reminder to: Put your shoes on girl!!! Seriously, look at the puddle of my pants. Again, oopsie!

I wouldn't trade this man for all the gold in California!

We look mad here..... but I promise, we really weren't!

Life couldn't get better than this!

I am mightily blessed! And couldn't be a happier girl!

Tabor Lee, I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU! (p.s. I wore my heels (5") for this pic, by the time I was taking the other pics, I had already kicked off the shoes)

We look frozen here. Tabor.... we should have smiled!

Sweet thangs!!!

More sweet thangs!!!

We do dearly love to laugh around here!

Sweet SWEET friends!!

Good-looking thangs!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Prissy!
    Love the pictures!!! What a wonderful, beautiful family!