Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where do you go???


"I raise my eyes toward the mountains.

Where will my HELP come from?

My HELP C-O-M-E-S from the LORD,

(Psalm 121:1-2)

I've thought a lot about these verses above. I love what the psalmist says. He begins this psalm by letting us see him raise his eyes toward the mountains as he asks himself, "Where will my help come from?"

He obviously wondered.

He obviously took some time to ponder it.

It's obvious that the writer felt he needed some kind of help for some sort of thing for some reason.

Can you stop a minute to try to picture him there as he glazed over the horizon toward the rise of those mountains?

Maybe his brows were furrowed? Maybe his hands went to his head as he covered his eyes and grabbed his face in his worry of what to do with the thing that he needed help for? Maybe he bowed to the ground and he fell to his knees as he asked himself his question? Maybe he cried out in anguish? Maybe he pounded the ground before him? Maybe his face was bathed in his tears? Maybe he was tired and couldn't fathom how his circumstances or situation or the thing that he needed help with could really be helped at all?

Maybe his friends' faces came to his mind as he wondered if they could possibly help him? Maybe this person? Or that? Maybe her? Or maybe him? Maybe his father? His mother? His teacher? His brother? His neighbor? His friend? The stranger he had just met? His boss? A doctor? A specialist? A surgeon? A banker? A loan-shark? John? Or Jim? Or Becky? Or Paul? Or.......? Maybe.....? Maybe.....? Maybe...??? Could anyone at all any where be able to help him?

Maybe he tried to figure out how he might could manage it with his own power? with his own resources? If he tried harder? If he was better prepared? If he did this? Or if he just didn't....? If he could.........?

"Where will my help come from," he wondered?

"Where? Where? Where?" his mind echoed. "Where will it come?"

Where will it enter? Who will bring it? Where can I attain it? Who or where can I get it?

He had a need. And he needed someone or something to help him.

And then, in the very next thing that he pens, we see him know his answer. "Where will my help come from," he'd wondered. And now he knows!

"My help comes from the LORD!"

I love that help "COMES"! I love more that it's the LORD that brings it! Not just "the Lord," but the "Maker" of heaven and earth. Can anyone have any more power than He? He's the one that created all created things. He's the maker of everything. He's the one that can move the winds to blow or peace it. He not only can create with a word, but each word that He sends forth doesn't come back to Him without first doing the very thing that He bid it. He can turn the minds of kings. He can shut the mouths of lions. He can keep one from burning in the midst of a fire. He can make time stand still. Or make iron to swim. He can heal the sick and make the lame to walk again. He can stop the enemy from pursuing, and set the captives free. He can blind a man or make the blind to see. He's the very one that came to rescue and died to deliver me. Why would He not help us in our needs? It's who He is, it's why He came, He came to help; He came to save us from the things that plague us and from our enemies!

Ugh. Life's hard. We all need help. But who or what or where do you go to find it? I don't know about you, but I've often run to other people or other things to find my help in my need. It might seem to be a temporary fix. But if it even rates that much, that's all that it is. Trust me, nothing else works. There's only one place to find true Help.

I want to do as this psalmist did. When wondering where my help is going to come from, I want my Help to come from Him!

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