Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So many!!!!.... and amazingly, no two alike!

I am in Memphis, Tennessee as I write. I was privileged and honored to get to come to another mountaintop escape alone with my God. I have been basking in His pleasure! Whoa-ing in His wonder! And soaring in the pure unadulterated splendor of my Savior who saves! I got to go to a Living Proof Live Event (teacher Beth Moore). Have you ever been to one? Have you ever done one of her bible studies? Let me inform you, just in case you haven't, that she is highly and greatly anointed by our Lord. You would have to plug your ears with your fingers and refuse with all your being not to hear a word from God under her teaching. The Spirit just pours forth from her jar of clay when you're around her. It can't keep from it, because she has taken the time and the toil to empty herself out and fill herself with Him and His Word. I highly recommend it if you haven't.

Anyway. Back in my room tonight, I took a moment to blog my wonder on another site. After thinking about it, I thought that I would give you a glimpse of my weekend, as well. To show you a picture of where I've been and what I've been doing. I'll spend the next two days quietly alone with my God without all the distractions of home to disquiet me. I am thrilled beyond measure to spend this cherished time by myself with Him.


So many!!!.... and amazingly, no two alike!

For my birthday on Monday, my husband gifted me with a ticket to the Living Proof Live Event with Beth Moore in Memphis, Tennessee for this particular weekend. I just left there a little while ago. And now, at this very moment, I find myself sitting alone in a hotel room, pondering over this pleasure I've been given. This wonder I've experienced. This overwhelmation of and with my Lord. Might I say to you (in case you haven't already guessed it), it's been a spectacularly splendorous day spent with the Divine and I hope NEVER to get over it!

As the women started pouring into the FedEx Forum last night that had been transformed by the grace of God because of His Presence into His sanctuary, I was enamored with all those treasured ladies that came. They came dressed in all colors. All different sizes. They were a conglomeration of personalities united as one. Each individually portraying a vast array of characteristics. No two were alike. None were the same. And each one was BEAUTIFUL!

Hair was doo-ed (or not!) to suit each one's fancy. Individualized to their uniqueness. Fashioned for the personality. Styled to their idiosyncrasy. Coifed, or crimped, or curled, or straightened, or permed, or put up, or pulled back, or braided, or pony-tailed, or bunned, or simply left hanging. Some had spent hours working with their 'doo' to get it just right! Some had paid to get theirs done. Some, I'm sure, never even thought much at all to worry about what their's looked like. I so admire that kind!. Surely, they are the favored! Those that haven't been crazy enough to be caught into the trap. Wouldn't that be nice! Wonder what that feels like??? And, I wonder, just how many of all those hairs had been colored or streaked or highlighted,.... for isn't it just what most of us do with ours?

Some had manicured their nails. Pedicured their feet. Fake-tanned their skin. Lotioned their skins. And perfumed their bodies.

Some sparkled. Some were sequined. Some jeaned. Some sweat-shirted. Some jacketed. Some vested. Some high-heeled. Some booted. Some sandaled. Some muled. Some tennis-shoed. Some were socked. Some were hosed. Some were bare-legged.

Some were loud. Some quieter than others. Some sang with their whole bodies. Others sang still... with heads bowed and their eyes closed. There was raised hands, raised arms, and raised voices. Hands that were clapping, feet stomping. Bodies swaying, or dancing,... or frozen in awed-fear ((*smile*)). Each appeared to be whole-heartedly (whole-heartedly!) worshipping their Lord.

Can I say again? B E A U T I F U L!

Wonder what their stories are? Wonder where they've come from and where they are going? Wonder who's a Twitter-er? Who's a Facebook fantantic? Who's more of a Myspace girl? Who's actually heard of Shoutlife? And who's not an Internet sojourner at all?

Who's got a PhD? Who only finished as far as high school? Who's working toward their GED? Who's got a job? Who stays at home? Who's looking for one? Who likes what they do? Who hates waking up in the mornings?

Who's just married a spouse? Who just left theirs? Who's lonely? And who is rarely alone?

What do their minds think in its quiet? What are their needs? their wants? their desires? their cries to their Lord? What was their reason for coming? Do they think that it's because they're seeking You, Lord? Yet is it rather instead because You're seeking them?

Wonder who'll leave being different.... changed radically from the inside to out till eternity comes? Wonder who'll drop the seed, leave without it making it in, feeling even dryer than before they came? Oh, Lord, please don't let it be so! May You blow every single girl's mind. Change their thinking. Rock their worlds. Captivate their hearts with wonder and use them for the display of Your splendor, the glory of the Lord!

Oblivious to all those around me, I watched them there. I smiled from the overflow of my heart. I liked them already, without having known them at all. I knew them, because I know me. I know they love, that they've lost love, they've been hurt by love, they've been disposed by someone that they thought loved them, they've been betrayed by a false love, denied by a selfish love, and perhaps at one time fell for a forbidden love... for a 'love' that first infatuated until it captivated and then afterward mutilated their hearts... because it wasn't real love at all.

We all seek and want to be loved. And all the while, Love seeks us because He already loves! Most came this weekend wanting 'a word' from Him, perhaps forgetting that it's He that invited us to give us a word! We came wanting to draw nearer to our Savior, while our Savior began wooing us long before we came drawing us closer and closer and closer to Him.

As I sat and looked at all those women the verse that kept rolling over and over in my mind was this one that's found in Numbers 24:5 which says, "How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel."

For there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that as God looked at His people, the chosen skin-tents that He still tabernacles Himself in, His prized and peculiar people, His treasured possessions, that He saw them (each one!) as BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! His dwelling places... in all sorts and sizes... all colors... all shapes... all chosen... all purchased and bought with the blood of our Savior! Still carrying "The Word made flesh" in our earthly-bodied skins.



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