Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh no!

Oopsie! That's definitely NOT the way she planned it!

A friend of mine was mad at another friend.


She kept emailing her daughter talking about all the things the other girl had done and how mad she was at her.


Instead of emailing her daughter.... she was emailing the friend!




Be SURE [as in, POSITIVE!] your sin will find you out!.... isn't that always the way? ("ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out" ~ Num 32:23.)

Of course, after the fury of the moment had passed, it was a hilarious one. Both laughed and were okay with each other. But woe, at the lesson to learn! Since I found out about it, I keep thinking...

You know, if EVERYTIME you talked about someone else... if that person you were talking about got a copy of that talk in an email...... it sure would shut some things being said up. I love the idea! I wish it were possible! :)

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