Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It was sad yesterday.

I was excited, as usual. Anticipating our group study. I'd had a blast with the lesson all day, and I couldn't wait to see what the girls had to share. Yet, as they shuffled in there were no smiles on their faces. No joy in the air. Their hearts looked heavy. Their loads heavily-burdened. Downcasted faces and diverted downcasted looks. Quickly the air in my balloon was deflating. In all my attempt to try to lift up, every attempt seemed futilely useless.

As I talked and as hard as I tried, I failed in my encouragement for participation.

I had been so excited (as I said), but all of my preparation felt fruitless.

Finally, before the night was done, people were talking, sharing, it seemed we were getting somewhere. All that is, except for one. And she's the one that since has been stayed on mind, I hate she's in prison.... but I wonder what's wrong. The overshadowing has hung over my head since I left, so thus I've been praying. I wish I had done something more, but God keeps reminding me that I'm not her "savior", that it's His Son that is. My part, my role, my servitude's duty is to lift her to Him instead and ask Him to. Thankfully, as much as I care, I know He cares more than I ever could.

I keep thinking about the one (though not forgetting any of the others) and Jesus reminded me this morning that none of the ones pass by Him either. He, too, left the ninty-nine in search of the one back in His walk-in-flesh-on-this-earth days. No doubt, He too now sees... and He's talking to His Father about her! Sending His Spirit to soothe and to comfort, to correct and caress, to help her and aid her in whatever her need..... just loving on and in her in her place of captivity.

Lord, please FREE her despite the bars that still hold her. Free her while still on the inside, so that she will be freely free on the outside upon her sentencing's release. Sadly, she's also the same girl that I recently wrote about that has no place to go when she gets out. Oh Lord, I know that she feels lost, please help her and find her and show her a home!

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