Saturday, May 28, 2011

He was old. His hair was long. And I cried...

I didn't know him, but my husband did. We were at the ball park, sitting in the stands watching my son's baseball game. He came and sat in front of us. He was an older guy and Tim commented that his hair was growing long. That's when he shared with us this story.

He turned to tell us why. He said one day he'd been walking in Walmart. He said from aisle to aisle he kept running into a little girl and her mama. The mom was pushing the little girl in a wheelchair. He could hardly keep his eyes drawn from her. He finally stopped them. He bent over and told the little girl that she was beautiful. He told me that he wasn't just saying so, she was. Her mama told him that she had cancer. He told me that he wanted to buy her something. He wanted for just a little while to make her happy. He told her that whatever she wanted in the store, she could pick out anything she wanted, he would buy it for her. He said of anything she could pick out she only wanted one thing... a thing not for sale... a thing he couldn't buy. All she wanted, he said, was hair. And though it's too late for her, he continued, that's why he's now growing his.

It was white. Old. He didn't know if any could use it. But if they could next time he wanted to have it to offer.

I cried the whole time he was telling his story. He apologized for my tears. I thought it was beautiful. Tears and all, I'm thankful he shared it.

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