Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wonder how she feels?

I have lots of friends that have adopted children. Actually, it's amazing the number of the adoptive parents that I know. And with their chosen children it's always a not so very far away wonder of what those adoptive children will one day think as they wonder about the mom that birthed them and the father that for some reason no longer now plays his part. But too, with that wonder, I often wonder about the moms of the children that are in orphan homes or gave up their children to be adopted. We often give them a bad rap. We don’t understand them. We can’t imagine doing what they’ve done. We’re appalled that they’ve done it. Sometimes we look down on them or don't like them because they did.


I wonder what those birth mommas think? I wonder where they are? Wonder what they do? What ages they were?  What were the circumstances? Do they cry at night? Still? Do they have other children? Do they feel guilt for what they’ve done? Do they still live under that burden? Do they mourn for the one that now sits in another’s lap instead of their own? Do they attempt to drown their hurt with something else or someone else??? ... that no amount of dosage is able to drown to quit and quiet their pain? 

I have several friends that have adopted. One in particular is my very best friend. She’s adopted two after having three of her own. God knit two of those she now has in two other mommy's tummies, while He began knitting a whole other thing in hers!!!!!  I wonder sometimes if she doesn’t wish they knew her heart and could know the love that she has for the daughters they bore? Or would their knowing only aggravate to unbearable the ache they already feel?

Dear Lord, be with the birth moms... that today for whatever their reason so longingly miss their children. And abundantly bless the mothers that are raising these babies with an abundance of Your grace and Your love!

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