Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hacked anybody lately?

   The article you'll find pasted below was an article forwarded to me back in 2005 by a Christian brother to those of us that had recently returned from a mission trip to Malawi (Africa). The horror that happened is unimaginable. But woe, too, when you read the things that God so vividly revealed to me in it, the frightening reality that God gave to me in order to help open my own eyes to see!  What a frightening Truth! Thankfully I'm not this girl anymore, but once I myself held the hatchet that plunged into people around me. Won't you look, and see what you see?  Will you find yourself there, as well, standing in a place where I once stood?

Raphael Tenthani | Blantyre, Malawi

03 Sep 2005

A 25-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly hacking her nine-month old son to death with an axe and attempting suicide after they both tested positive for the Aids virus, police said on Friday.

Aids carries a strong stigma in this impoverished Southern African nation. An estimated 14% of Malawi's 11-million population carry the virus but only 3% have gone for voluntary testing, despite campaigns from government leaders.

Police spokesperson Enock Livason said the woman and her son had tested positive for the virus at a government hospital in northern Malawi.

"When she got home, she put her son, Paul, down, took an axe and hit him in the head," he said. "She started cutting her son into pieces."

The woman, identified by police as Mary Mwagomba, also allegedly tried to kill herself but was restrained by neighbors.

According to Livason, she will be charged with infanticide and attempted suicide.

Malawi is one of the Southern African nations hardest hit by the Aids virus. Its people are extremely poor and poorly educated. -- Sapa-AP

    Wow ~ at the overwhelming oppression! We are all way too impoverished by the one who robs us (the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy). We too often fail to see the one that is behind the evil. And we often are found assisting the evil one in our help to "kill" those around us that we're suppose to love, because of our bondage of depression from the oppression that enslaves us, and in our rage to lash out against it we knife the ones closes to us.  We rage with the swords of our words (if not our fists), slowly "hacking to death" the ones closest to us.  So who wins? .. as satan smiles from all that his scheming entails at what he has started, and at how we viciously carry the thing out further from our own fury and frustration, who wins?  Ooo!  Do we often aid the devil in his plan .... while forsaking the One Who came to save us and His? 

    Have I ever been guilty of "hacking to death" one of my own children .... when I see that they've been plagued with the same plague (even if it's the 'plague' of meanness!) that I have?   Instead of "fighting for my sons and my daughters," do I fight against them?  Is it them that I focus on as the evil,  and not the evil that befell them - that they need rescuing from?   Or have I attempted to "hack to death" something inside my husband that I don't like?  While totally unaware that is it him that I am killing, and not the evil?  Will he survive my stabs and the wounds that I so ferociously wound him with?  Or will I succeed in killing him, and in essence, commit a suicide to myself?   We were united as "one" in marriage .... Do I aid in the death of my own other half - while foolishly thinking that when I do I will be left living?  

    Woe!!!!!  I dare myself (and you) to look at down my hands and SEE the dagger that I might be holding!!!!   And to SEE whose blood might have been shed on it ......... by my own hands!  Need I to ask God to forgive the blood that I've shed,  and to cleanse the dagger that I've held,  and to replace it with the Sword of His Spirit .... to fight toward killing the real enemy and not continue the fight toward kill each other!

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  1. Today I could expand and add about 1000 words more to those that I said above Bless God's heart, I have so much to learn! I need Jesus to wash the insides of my mouth out! I need Him to purify my heart! If my words are showing ugly, then I've a heart inside that needs to be cleaned! I cringe at the times that I've praised my God in one moment, and cursed His child in the next. I have used way too many evil words in the past "hacking" and bashing my husband to another. I wonder what God thought when He looked? Oh, how blind we are in our sin! When... it's not the one I'm hacking that's got the problem, the problem instead is in me!

    Father, forgive me for the evil use of my tongue!