Monday, April 16, 2012

Dressing Our Mess

I read her post several times. And as I commented to her, I loved it anew with every new next time that I read it. I love the statement that she opens her post with, "Every time we get dressed we tell the story of the Fall of humanity"...

Hmmm... EVERY TIME(!!!) we get dressed!!!

EVERY TIME that we get dressed(!!!).. we tell the story of the Fall of humanity! 

How true that is, I told her! How perfectly "fitting" to sum up our dressing! I've realized for years that we do a whole lot of dress-ups, but Carole Chaput put a whole new spin on my mind's thinking of it. Click here: Dressing Our Mess if you'd like to be as blessed as I was! I'm sure you'll find (as I did) that the picture she paints is a profound one! Enjoy! Profoundly said, Carole, thanks so much for sharing! I'd say more... but I don't need to. Why? Because she did. :)

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